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 DULEVO 6000

Game Changer

"This is the future of municipal street sweeping. We're going to be more efficient covering more area in less time enabling us to do more passes through the city." 

-- Dan Pumphrey, Arvada, Colorado Streets Supervisor

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In partnership with Gore®, Dulevo has developed a  road sweeper with total fine particle filtering. The mechanical filtering and suction system assures total removal of PM10 particles, thanks to the exclusive Gore® technology application.

This machine, like Dulevo's other street sweepers, has entirely hydro-static control that does not require electronic components. That means it's highly accessible and easy to repair.

Maneuverability: Four-wheel, synchronized and hydraulic steering simplifies even the most complex maneuvers.

A wide interior cab space and high quality seats make this machine very comfortable to operate. An insulation system and additional springs protect the operator from sound emissions and vibrations. The wide cab glass surface ensures full view of the work area.