Introducing Zaugg Snow Blowers

Updated: Oct 19

If you operate a resort or snow park with ski areas, superpipes, or other snowy slopes, you know how important it is to maintain the condition of your grounds for optimal winter enjoyment! Unfortunately, most snow removal equipment isn’t optimally designed for these applications, which is where Zaugg snow blowers come in.

About Zaugg Ag Eggiwil

ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL is a Swedish company that’s renowned all over the world for high quality snow removal equipment. Their machines are capable of moving large volumes of snow at a rapid pace while also navigating a wide range of conditions, including those present at most ski areas, ski resorts, and snow parks. The reliability and versatility of ZAUGG products makes them among the best brand snow blowers on offer.

Zaugg’s machines include:

  • Snow plows

  • Front-mounted snow blowers

  • Tractor-driven snow blowers

  • Vehicle attachments

  • Slope maintenance vehicles

And more! Hardline Equipment is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Zaugg product line in the United States, and we look forward to providing you with the best snow removal equipment available in the world.

ZAUGG Equipment for Ski Resorts, Superpipes, Etc.

The equipment offered by Zaugg Ag Eggiwil include specialized snow blowers, plows, and equipment that’s specially designed to handle the steep angles and rough conditions of snow-covered slopes. Our customers in Colorado, Minnesota, Wyoming, and elsewhere in the U.S. with harsh winters will find the perfect machine for their application.

The products offered by Zaugg include the following.


Zaugg acquired one of Europe’s top carrier vehicle manufacturers to integrate with their snow blower heads. These vehicles have a rigid construction with robust suspension and optimized points of balance to perform optimally on slopes and rough terrain, making them perfect for delivering maximum power to Zaugg snow blower heads. This is the role of the Zaugg Rolba line.

Zaugg Rolba machines include the following:

  • Rolba 500: A highly versatile machine that’s perfect for a variety of applications.

  • Rolba 1500: Ideal for mountain passes with optimized weight distribution for uphill driving.

  • Rolba 3000: Ideal for motorways and runways with high clearing capacity and casting distances.

  • Rolba 5000: With up to 8000 t/h clearing capacity, the Rolba 5000 is best for moving lots of snow very quickly.


For the highly articulated snow clearing you need in snow parks, Zaugg’s Monobloc series of machines offer unparalleled versatility. Each of these machines are compact, fully autonomous, and can be equipped with either radio control or cable components for convenient remote use. Articulated steering makes these models excellent for tight, deep cuttings into the snow.

Monobloc snow blowers include:

  • Monobloc Mobl 110: Capable of clearing 1000 t/h, depending on the snow.

  • Monobloc Mobl 230: Capable of clearing 1700 t/h.

  • Monobloc Mobl 380: Capable of clearing up to 3,000 t/h.

ZAUGG Snow Plows

If you don’t need the clearing capacity or casting distances of Zaugg snow blowers, their snow plows are also an effective option. Engineered and optimized for use with a wide variety of carrier vehicles, Zaugg snow plows are perfect for clearing roads, driveways, and other paved areas. With 16 tractor snow plow models to choose from and a range of possible blade angles, you’ll be able to find the perfect plow for your application.

Half Pipe Machines

Zaugg offers some of the only equipment in the world that’s designed to make half pipes. Using the carrier vehicle’s own hydraulics, their products perfectly shape half pipes and superpipes for snowboarding and winter sports.

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