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Prepare Your Business for the Upcoming Colorado Winter

For business owners, Colorado winter weather is always a challenge, which is why it’s important to be prepared. Part of that is investing in the right equipment, but it’s also important to have some clear processes in place if you don’t already.

Five Ways to Be Ready for Colorado Winter Weather

When it comes to being ready for the Colorado winter, here are a few items to consider.

1. Invest in Quality Snow Removal Equipment

First, quality snow removal equipment is a must in order to cope with high levels of snowfall. If you operate on lots of square footage, you’ll need machines that can quickly handle large quantities of snow. For instance, ZAUGG snow blowers are among the most robust options available when it comes to industrial snow removal equipment.

2. Use the Right Snow Removal Attachments

Snow removal machines often include options for different attachments. Snow blowers may be better suited to certain snow removal tasks than plows are, depending on the amount of snow you need to move and the nature of your particular situation. Not all attachments are created equal either—blower attachments, for instance, come with various levels of power, casting distances, etc. that make each best for a particular context.

3. Prep Your Facilities

Your facilities need to be prepared before the snow starts falling. In order to winterize your facilities, consider these items:

  • Make sure all gutters and storm drains are clear of debris to allow proper drainage

  • Insulate any exposed pipes and shut off outdoor valves

  • Take care of any roof repairs that may be needed in order to prevent leaks and water damage

  • Handle any grounds maintenance, including parking lot repairs, trimming trees, etc.

These measures can help you prevent damage to your facilities and grounds that may result from high levels of snowfall.

4. Have Safety Procedures in Place

Safety is always a priority regardless of your line of business. Colorado winter weather brings with it a variety of hazards, including slipping and falling. Having procedures ready in order to prevent these kinds of accidents can reduce the risk of injury while also keeping liability to a minimum. In addition, anyone operating heavy equipment outdoors needs to be equipped to deal with the cold, not to mention wear regular PPE.

5. Be Ready to Remove Snow Immediately

Finally, snow removal is best handled as soon as the snow falls. This prevents it from being compacted while also removing moisture from the ground, both of which can prevent your property’s hard surfaces from icing over. Make sure you have people, equipment, or services at the ready at all times in order to keep your premises safe.

Colorado Winter FAQs

What are Colorado’s winter predictions for 2022 - 2023?

Colorado’s winter predictions include higher-than-average snowfall in the northern areas of the state as well as colder temperatures than last year.

Do I need a snow plow or snow blower?

It depends on your application. Snow blowers are better for detailed work, and they can also cast snow farther than snow plows, which are best for single passes over narrow, flat areas.

Best Industrial Snow Removal Tools at Hardline Equipment

When it comes to choosing snow removal equipment, you need machines you can rely on in any temperature. Hardline Equipment is a proud distributor of ZAUGG snow blowers and plows in Denver, so get in touch to see what we can offer you this winter.


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