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Hardline Equipment Is Your Dulevo Street Sweeper Dealer


We sell premier street sweepers from Dulevo.


When you’re in the market for a streetcleaning machine, you need products from a manufacturer that knows street sweepers. That’s why Hardline Equipment carries Dulevo street sweepers. For 40 years, Dulevo has produced sweepers, scrubbers, and street washers that are hard at work in more than 80 countries.

Dulevoreflects Hardline’s values of quality, innovation, and respect for the environment. The company has received the ISO 9001 certification for production quality and ISO 14001:2015 for compliance with environmental regulations.


Hardline chooses the most reliable, effective, environmentally sound equipment on the market for our lineup of products. Dulevo ticks all the boxes with high engineering excellence and a wide range of sweepers for different needs.

Why Is Street Sweeping Important?


The first thing that comes to mind is aesthetics. When a visitor pulls into a city or enterprise and sees dirt, trash, and debris at the curbs and gutters, it’s a pretty poor impression. Industry recommendations are to sweep streets once a year and parking lots twice a year.


Looks are important, but there are other vital reasons to keep streets, parking lots, and gutters clear of debris. The expanding street sweeper market reflects these imperatives: The 2022 market for street sweepers was over $2.4 billion and growing; market predictions are that it will be over $3.3 billion by 2028. Here are a few other reasons to keep streets clean.


Keeps Roadways Safer

All sorts of things land on the roadways and fly up from spinning tires. The faster the traffic travels, the greater the hazard. Think of leaves, car parts, and trash. A road sweeper picks up this accumulated material, reducing accidents and vehicle damage.


Helps Control Vermin

Garbage, fast-food leftovers, and spilled soft drinks attract rodents, cockroaches, and flies. Municipal street sweepers remove the trash that attracts these pests, keeping them under control.


Clearer Storm Drains

When it rains, trash, leaves, and anything else in the gutter flow with the water. This accumulated debris clogs storm drains and sewer grilles, costing municipalities significantly in labor to remove the clogs. Street sweeping reduces the amount of trash in the gutters.


Sewer Overflow Prevention

Many cities combine their sewer and stormwater collection systems. When sewers overflow during heavy rain clogged with debris, it’sunpleasant and dangerous because sewage and garbage contain bacteria hazardous to human beings. 


Types of Commercial Street Sweepers

There are three basic types of street sweepers.

  • Mechanical broom sweepers are the original type of street sweeper. They use a rotating circular broom to lift debris and fling it onto a conveyor that delivers it into the hopper.

  • Vacuum street sweepers use a circular broom to dislodge debris and move it to a vacuum nozzle, which sucks it into the hopper

  • Regenerative air sweepers use brushes to dislodge debris, but the vacuum orifice covers the entire width of the sweeper. The system filters out dust, then returns the air to the pickup head in a closed cycle.


Hardline carries a range of Dulevo street sweeper models. When you talk with our customer service team, we can help you select the best one for your needs. Prices vary depending on the brand, type, and model of street sweeper you purchase.


Dulevo 6000

This sweeper is reliable, maneuverable, and economical, with low fuel and water consumption and an environmentally-friendly motor. Its filtration system strictly limits the dust it emits.


When an operator spends hours in the cab, comfort and safety are critical components of any street sweeper. The filtration system on the Dulevo 6000 keeps the cabin air clean and comfortable, the machine is quiet and easy on the operator’s ears, and the controls are simple and comfortable to use.


Dulevo 6000 Stats

  • 51” sweeping width with central brush

  • 102” with central brush and side brushes

  • 138” with central brush, side brushes, and third brush

  • 45” dumping height

  • 15.5 mph maximum speed

  • 2 seats in cabin


Dulevo D6

This environmentallyfriendly machine’s high technology gives you low sound, reduced water use, minimal dust, and low fuel consumption. It is flexible, collecting light and heavy materials with the same efficiency, and the cabin keeps operators comfortable with plenty of room, ergonomic controls, and low noise.


This versatile street sweeper enables you to customize the maximum speed, sweeping width, and work program according to route, operator, and the day’s tasks.


Dulevo D6 Stats

  • 51” cleaning track with center brush

  • 110” cleaning track with center brush and side brushes

  • 142 cleaning track with center brush, side brushes, and third brush

  • 45” or 94” height of container discharge

  • 15, 25, or 30 mph adjustable working speeds

  • 2 or 3 cabin seats


Dulevo DZero

DZero is electric with zero CO2emissions and zero dust pollution. It is also 30% quieter than traditional models, enabling you to work at night without disturbing sleeping citizens.


The DZero is small and articulated, enabling it to operate effectively in historic areas, cramped urban locations, and on cycling and pedestrian paths. Its low-voltage technology avoids the usual risks of working with electric machines. To top it all off, it operates with 80% lower costs than a diesel sweeper.



  • 126” maximum sweeping width

  • 69” minimum sweeping width

  • 57” dumping height

  • 16 mph maximum speed

  • 2 seats in cabin


850 Mini

The 850 Mini cleans remarkably, even under cramped city conditions. It is highly maneuverable and efficient, with powerful suction and a large water tank that gives you ahigh operating time. Your drivers will appreciate the comfortable cab and intuitive controls.


The modern, convex windshield gives your operator excellent visibility for maximum safety, and the 850’s modern engine technology makes it highly environmentally friendly with low engine emissions. The 850 uses little water and suppresses sound to a manageable level, and the design makes accessing the cleaning pipe and water tanks easy for convenientmaintenance.


850 Mini Stats

  • 59” minimum sweeping width

  • 73” maximum sweeping width

  • 56” dumping height

  • 17 mph maximum speed

  • 1 seat in cabin


Dulevo 3000

The Dulevo 3000 keeps going, no matter the temperature or weather conditions. Its top-of-the-line technology, quality construction, and operator friendliness make it a powerful cleaning tool for your fleet.


The 3000 is durable and environmentallyfriendly. It is quiet, emits little dust, and uses small amounts of fuel and water – only 60% of the water of traditional models. Its engine also meets the latest EU emission requirements.


Dulevo 3000 Stats


  • 51” sweeping width with central brush

  • 83” sweeping width with side brush

  • 114” sweeping width with third brush

  • 63” dumping height

  • 25 mph maximum speed

  • 2 seats in cabin


Applications of Commercial Street Sweepers

If you think street sweepers are only helpful for street cleaning, think again. Versatile outdoor sweepers are beneficial for a variety of purposes.

  • Airport runways

  • Freeways and highways

  • Construction sites

  • Parking lots

  • Sidewalks

  • Hike and bike paths

  • Road paving projects


How to Choose the Right Commercial Street Sweeper

There are many things to consider when adding a street sweeper to your fleet. Contact us at Hardline Equipment. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives will listen to your needs and walk you through your options.


We’re confident you’ll find what you need in Hardline’s Dulevo industrial street sweeper selection. We can talk to you about all the essential aspects to consider, including the following:

  • Environmental

  • Worker safety

  • Your unique requirements

  • Fuel

  • Regulatory considerations

  • Budget

  • Maintenance requirements


A Few Final Words

Street cleaning equipment provides more than just the cosmetic benefit of keeping city streets looking clean. They reduce vehicle damage and accidents from road debris, protect the water/wastewater system, help avoid stormwater drain clogs, keep airport runways clear and safe, and makeparking lot cleaning after a tailgate party more efficient.


When you’re ready to add an industrial sweeper to your fleet, there are many options to consider, including new and used equipment. Today’s technology has advanced, so if you haven’t bought a street sweeper in a while, trust the heavy equipment experts at Hardline Equipment in Colorado and Minnesota to inform you of your options.


We’re here to serve you for your purchase and beyond for repairs and maintenance! Contact us today to learn more about Dulevo’sfantastic line of street sweepers.

Keeping the city of Arvada cleaner than ever before.

Dulevo International is one of the leading street sweeper manufacturers for industrial and urban cleaning, operating in more than 80 countries all over the world. Check out what we did for the city of Arvada in this video!

We sell the complete sweeper truck line from Dulevo.

When it comes to sweeper trucks, we represent the largest and most effective street sweeping line from our partners at Dulevo. From race tracks to city centers to construction sites to even a parking lot. Contact us today for further information and let us help you identify the perfect street sweeper for your needs!


Dulevo 6000


Dulevo D6 (8)-min (1).png

Dulevo DZero


850 Mini (7)-min.png

Dulevo 3000

Great street sweeper products from great partners.

Trying to meet the diverse and specific needs of end consumers, Dulevo has designed and improved several custom product lines: road sweeper, compact sweeper, man on board and walk behind sweeper. Get yours today with us and keep your entire city clean and looking its best! (9)-min.png
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