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When you’re looking for the best waste collection equipment, Amrep® Trucks are second to none. Amrep builds quality and durability into every component, delivering long-lasting service at the lightest possible weight.
The ergonomic controls on these trucks assist your drivers in completing a route quickly and with as little strain and fatigue as possible. Onboard diagnostics help with efficiency, and drivers can quickly identify problems. 

Amrep waste-hauling equipment offers numerous innovations. First and foremost, Amrep builds its trucks of strong
Hardox® AR450 wear plate steel trucks that withstand rigorous commercial use and deliver a long service life. The hopper, body, and door are made from this abrasion-resistant, high-tensile steel, maximizing payload and service life. The trucks are available in different body sizes to suit your needs.

Front & Side Loaders

When you’re debating whether to purchase a front or side-loading waste collection truck, the first thing to consider is how you’ll use it. The decision you make will impact how efficiently you’re able to complete your waste-hauling routes.


Waste volume is increasing, and with higher volumes, the more suitable your equipment is for your application, the faster your drivers can complete a route. Higher efficiency helps you keep up with demand and maintain the reliable service customers and municipalities need. 

The Amrep HX450FL Garbage Truck port side profile

AMREP Front Loader

What is a Front Loader Garbage Truck?

True to its name, a front-loading garbage truck loads waste material from the front of the truck, hoisting it over the cab and dumping it into the rear hopper.

When to Choose a Front Loader

Consider a front-end loader when you need to pick up refuse in an urban area where space to maneuver is at a premium. These trucks can easily lift and empty heavy dumpsters containing industrial or commercial waste materials.


They are also fully capable of lifting and emptying typical residential bins. The great thing about this type of truck is that a single driver can pick up the waste without leaving the vehicle, increasing efficiency, improving safety, and reducing workforce needs.

Amreps HX450FL Port protfile with Garage bin tipping


Amrep’s Model HX450FL

Amrep designs the HX450FL front-loading waste truck with simple, clean lines, optimum strength, and long wear life. Its strength comes from its 3/16” Hardox AR450 body with a hardness rating of 450 BHN, a PSI of 180,000 tensile, and a 145,000 yield.


This highly durable, practical truck is available in multiple sizes and lengths and has full pushout or hoist ejection. Its automatic packer blade is 60’ high and has a full blower. The automatic packer has a speedy 25-second cycle, and its 8,000-pound loader arms have a 16-second dump cycle, enabling your driver to complete pickups quickly and effectively.


 The 90 X 90 body is available in 1/8’ and 3/16’ Hardox plate and features 6.5’ bore packing cylinders with 120,000 lbs. of force. A full packer blade is available without additional cost, and a full access door is included with the high packer blade.


When it comes to operation and maintenance, Amrep designs these trucks to make them durable and easy on the driver. The truck features a modular electrical system and a computerized packing system and display. The wiring harness is a “plug and socket” type and resists harsh weather conditions. The HX40FL comes standard with an LED lighting package and mid-body turn signals.

Amreps Hx450FL Port Side Profile


Amrep's AMOCSL Side Loading Garbage Truck Starboard Profile


What is a Side Loader Garbage Truck?

A side-loading truck has arms on the side that lift household bins and empty them into the hopper. Side-loading trucks support one-person operation, maneuver easily, and can manage most collection routes. 

When to Choose a Side Loader

Side-loading trucks are most common for residential collection applications. They enable a single operator to complete a route safely without exiting the truck’s cab. Since these trucks require only one operator, they keep labor costs down.


The complete automation of these trucks expedites residential waste collection so you can manage larger areas and more significant volumes of waste in a shorter time. Modern side-loader trucks reduce the total cost of collection, keep your safety record in good shape, and are easy to operate.

Amrep's HX-45-ASL automated side loading garbage truck, starboard side profile


Amrep's HX-450-ASL Automated Side Loader

When you need a side-loading garbage truck that gives you efficient waste pickup, look no further than Amrep’s HX-450-ASL Automated Side Loader. It reduces spillage, moving the container vertically until it reaches the hopper.


This truck has full push-out ejection and a 30-36 cubic yard body with a long service life. The automated arm’s position distributes weight evenly and enables you to carry large payloads. The HX-450-ASL features 1/8’ Hardox body construction and 3/16’ Hardox wear plates on the packer guides.


With its powerful 500-lb lift capacity, the HX-450-ASL easily handles 30, 60, and 90-gallon carts with a 10-second dump cycle. The lift arm can dump and replace the bin from any position without retracting the lift arm. This truck has a dual-blade system (packing /eject) with a full follower, allowing you to continue to dump bins while the packer is compacting. You can also program the computerized packer system to activate after you’ve dumped a certain number of containers.


Amrep builds the HX-450-ASL for durability and long life, with a modular electrical system, computerized packing system, and display. Its “plug and socket” weather-resistant wiring harness keeps your drivers on the road and working and your customers happy with your service.

Amreps HX-450-ASL Automated Side Loader garbage truck starboard profile at an angle


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