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Front Load & Side Load Garbage Trucks for Sale

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AMREP Front Loader

AMREP Dealer in Denver, Colorado

AMREP'S HX450FL shaped Front Loader Body, for East and West applications, is now available in all sizes and lengths, with full pushout or hoist ejection.  Amrep's unique shaped construction, using 3/16" Hardox® material, allows for a simpler and cleaner design, providing more strength and long wear life capacity. Hardox® has a hardness rating of 450 BHN and PSI strength rating of 180,000 tensile and 145,000 yield 

AMREP Side Loader


Everything you're looking for to do the job.

AMREP'S HX-450-ASL Automated Side Loader is a 30-36 cubic yard body with full push out ejection. The mounting position of the AMREP automated arm (integral with the body) gives the best weight distributions and highest payloads.


The arm also has the ability to dump and return the container form any position without retracting the lift arm. The container travels up the arm in a vertical fashion until reaching the hopper area, spillage onto street is significantly reduced.

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