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Heavy Equipment Dealer Near Denver, Colorado

Commercial Sales & Service 

Our Colorado location is located just north of Denver in Commerce City. From our headquarters, we offer delivery and mobile services throughout Colorado and Wyoming. We understand the unique challenges of cleaning Denver streets to building construction in Colorado.


With our heavy equipment machines and snow equipment, we're ready daily to help Denver and customers create winning solutions no matter what the goals or heavy equipment need!

Our main office is:  
7550 Dahlia Street  
Commerce City, CO 80022 
(303) 288-8989

Snow Equipment for Denver Ski Resorts, Half Pipes, & More

With 31 recorded ski areas in 2020-2021, Colorado is one of the top five states in the nation with the most operating ski areas. So it is safe to say that the state of Colorado is more than familiar with snow recreational activities and facilities.


Hardline Equipment is the exclusive U.S. dealer of Zaugg. Zaugg is the ideal snow equipment for ski areas and snow parks, and for building and maintaining superpipes and half-pipes for skiers and snow boarders of any level. View or available Zaugg products or contact us to learn more.  


ASV Equipment to Support Denver's Population Growth

Colorado has had one of the largest population growth rates since 2010 and Denver is now a large metropolis with no sign of a slow down. Population growth often leads to economic growth because as more people move into an area, the infrastructure of the area needs to increase and be improved in order to support newcomers. Because of this, there is a need and a demand for heavy construction equipment for landscaping projects, residential construction jobs, acres of excavation, and more. ASV’s all-terrain and multi-purpose machines enable you to the job at hand and get more done every day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Snow can bring a lot of joy but it can also be a dangerous element. Colorado has the fourth-highest annual average snow in the nation with 67.30 inches of snow per year.  Many states that receive a high amount of snow such as Colorado require snow to be removed within a certain time frame after it has stopped snowing to prevent injuries from occurring. Keep your commercial property, sidewalks, and streets clear with a Dulevo street sweeper.

Snow Removal Equipment for the Harsh Denver Snow

Are staff available to demo equipment at the Colorado location? Yes, we demo all major product lines at our Denver location including Zaugg, Dulevo, ASV, Yanmar, Amrep, and some attachments.

Is an appointment required before placing large orders or for specific services? No, orders do not require an appointment but maintenance and warranty will need an appointment.

What heavy equipment is kept in stock due to demand? Zaugg, Dulevo and attachments are available to demo and purchase same day.

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