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Refurbished Street Sweepers and Other Heavy Equipment

Quality that lasts and lasts. (4)-min.png

All of our used or slightly used equipment is refurbished to meet factory specs and some even come with a limited warranty. What more could you ask for? If you're in the market for new or used street sweepers, check her to see what we have available.

Why buy used street sweepers from Hardline Equipment?

For sweeper trucks, walk behind sweepers, compact tractors, and other heavy equipment for use in municipal or commercial job sites, Hardline Equipment makes certain all of our used and refurbished equipment is brought up to the highest standard possible, meeting all factory specifications and regulatory requirements.

Our used sweeper trucks and heavy equipment offer you high quality while saving you the high upfront cost of buying these machines new. Offerings change all the time, so check back to see what we have available!

  • Fully refurbished equipment ready to use in your job site

  • High quality equipment-we offer top-tier brands at competitive used prices

  • Limited warranty on certain items for further cost savings on your equipment


Hardline sells street sweeper trucks from Dulevo and chassis from Dennis Eagle. Theses are strong, reliable vehicles that are efficient, effective, and easy to operate. Get in touch for more information on what we have available.

Other heavy equipment we sell

In addition to used street sweepers and trucks, we offer a wide range of heavy equipment for use in various heavy-duty applications. Heavy equipment we sell include:

  • snow blowers and other now removal equipment

  • track loades and skid steers

  • sidewalk tractors

  • refuse collection vehicles and attachments


Our heavy equipment is highly reliable, being sourced from brands we trust to provide quality and durability.


We also service equipment from top brands including Zaugg, Yanmar, ASV, and more, making Hardline Equipment your one-stop resource for all your heavy equipment needs. We carry parts for most types and brands of heavy equipment, while our highly qualified technicians make repairs quickly and reliably.

Get your like-new equipment ready with new attachments

If you need to adapt your used heavy equipment to specific tasks, we have a variety of front-end attachments available from top brands. The types of attachments we offer include:


  • Street sweeping attachments

  • Refuse collection

  • Forestry equipment

  • Snow plows and snow blowers

  • Mulching attachments


And more! New and used street sweepers, trucks, tractors, loaders, and more can be easily adapted to fulfill various tasks with the right attachment. We can also supply replacement parts if an attachment on your vehicle wears out or gets damaged.

Used sweeper trucks, heavy equipment, and more

Walk behind street sweepers, sweeper trucks, sidewalk tractors, and more can make your process more efficient, whether you’re cleaning municipal roadways or maintaining sidewalks on commercial property. Hardline Equipment makes it easy for you to obtain the right equipment for your application while offering high quality service to help you stay on schedule.


To get started or ask questions about our new or used heavy equipment contact Hardline Equipment today.


New Dulevo 52 Wave Electric Walk Behind Sweeper with 1 Broom

  • Minimum Cleaning Track

  • ​Maximum Cleaning Track

  • ​Container Capacity

  • ​Power Supply

  • ​19.69 in

  • ​35.43 in

  • ​10.5 gallons

  • ​Electric 12V

Sale Price: $3,995

(1 year parts and labor warranty)

Available: New 2021 Dulevo 6000 Sweeper

The Dulevo 6000 is a versatile and maneuverable street sweeper for any size municipality, concrete plant, or private contractor!

  • Ergonomic and user-friendly controls

  • 6" Rear suction hose

  • 4 wheel steering

  • Stainless steel hopper and water tank

  • Large 6.2 cubic yard hopper (Capacity not volumetric)

  • AM/FM/USB Stereo System

  • FPT (Fiat Power Train) Tier IV 136 HP Engine

  • FULL Warranty!

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