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Hardline is a Dennis Eagle Dealer


Designed better to perform better.

Whether you’re in charge of a city's waste collection and handling or short haul moving, Dennis Eagle cab-over chassis are a great way to give your drivers the visibility and maneuverability they need to get the job done. Hardline Equipment offers cab-over trucks from Dennis Eagle truck lines at our Denver location. 

 About Dennis Eagle Chassis

Hardline Equipment offers Dennis Eagle truck lines for sale. As a world leader in refuse collection vehicles, they have a long-standing reputation for quality and performance. Each of their chassis meets the highest standards in the industry, making them a reliable source for cabs used in municipal and commercial applications. They are primarily used in refuse collection, but they can play a role in other applications as well.

Dennis Eagle is part of the Terberg Environmental Group. A leader in the design and manufacture of refuse collection vehicles, with an established reputation for supplying quality products that meet the highest standards in performance and whole life cost.

Leading the low-entry chassis market, our large panoramic cab has been proven to offer an unparalleled standard of direct driver visibility and cyclist safety.

Cab Over Chassis FAQs

What Is a cab over chassis vehicle? In most trucking chassis, the cab is located just behind the engine, which sticks out in front. Cab-over chassis vehicles (also called cab-overs) are truck chassis where the cab is situated directly over the engine, creating sort of a box-like appearance for the vehicle.

What is a cab over chassis truck used for? A cab-over chassis truck can be used in a variety of applications, including: - Local/short haul delivery and moving - Junk hauling - Landscaping - Professional trades (i.e. HVAC, plumbing, electrical maintenance) - Refuse collection Cab overs are highly versatile, making them excellent for many use cases.

What are the benefits of a cab over truck? A cab over truck affords greater visibility to the driver while also improving maneuverability.

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Benefits of a Cab-Over

The unique design of a cab-over chassis gives a number of benefits to drivers and companies, not to mention bystanders who may be near a vehicle while it’s in operation.


The primary benefit of a cab-over is visibility. Since the engine is located directly below the cab, it doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view of the surrounding area. Along with a wide windshield, this allows operators a panoramic view of their surroundings, increasing safety for pedestrians and other drivers nearby. Naturally, this can reduce the likelihood of accidents, minimizing liability for your organization.


The more compact design of a cab-over also increases maneuverability, allowing the driver to make tighter turns.This facilitates driving within cities, including on streets that would normally be too restrictive for large trucks. Contrast this with traditional trucks, which have a much wider turning radius due to the extra space out front needed to house the engine, and it’s clear why cab-overs might be preferred for local applications.

Upfitting Potential

Finally, cab-over trucks are excellent for upfitting to your fleet’s requirements. They can be fitted with a flat bed for general hauling, waste-handling equipmentfor refuse collection, or trailers for short-haul moving. While not necessarily well outfitted for long-haul applications, cab overs tend to be highly versatile when it comes to most municipal and short-range commercial requirements.

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