Zaugg Self-Contained & Monoblock Snow Blowers

All-In-One Snow Removal Miracle. (2)-min.png

The Monobloc snow blower is autonomous, compact and meets the current Euro stage V exhaust emission standards. The machine can optionally be equipped with a radio remote control or fixed connecting cable and is operated conveniently with the included joystick and display. Wheel loaders that meet the minimum static tipping load requirement are employed as carrier vehicles. Therefore, they can also be used during the winter break. The articulated steering of the wheel loader ensures great mobility, enabling use even in cramped conditions, e.g. in narrow, deep cuttings.

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Chews through snow like a hungry in-law at Christmas!

The autonomous ZAUGG Monoblock snow blower units for wheel loader application are a cost-effective and efficient alternative to the self-propelled single-purpose snow blowers.


These Monoblock units are manufactured in various sizes with widths of 2.0-3.3 m and power outputs of 110–600 HP. The units can be attached by one person.

Zaugg products are known for their superb quality, extraordinary operational reliability, unbeatable working comfort and long service life which all combine to offer maximum performance and economy. (3)-min.png

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