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Zaugg Snow Blowers for Sale in Colorado

Introducing Zaugg Snow Blowers

The reliability and versatility of ZAUGG products makes them among the best snow blower brands on offer. Hardline Equipment is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Zaugg product line. Headquartered in Colorado, we are prepared to ship and deliver Zaugg equipment all over the United States.


Zaugg’s machines and attachments include:

  • Snow plows

  • Front-mounted snow blowers

  • Tractor-driven snow blowers

  • Vehicle attachments

  • Slope maintenance vehicles

Driveable Snow Blowers to Attachments

Via the Rolba product line, Hardline offers a variety of compact, driveable snow blowers and maintains inventory at our Denver and Minnesota locations. 

  • Rolba 500: A highly versatile machine that’s perfect for a variety of applications.

  • Rolba 1500: Ideal for mountain passes with optimized weight distribution for uphill driving.

  • Rolba 3000: Ideal for motorways and runways with high clearing capacity and casting distances.

  • Rolba 5000: With up to 8000 t/h clearing capacity, the Rolba 5000 is best for moving lots of snow very quickly.

Download Free Zaugg Brochure

Hardline Equipment offers snow blower attachments for sale from Zaugg, compatible with a variety of carrier vehicles including small tractors, skid steers and more.

  • Snow blower SF 40-42: Cutter width of 15.7 inches, Clearing width of 2.6 - 4.2 feet

  • Snow blower SF 55-45: Cutter width of 21.6 inches, Clearing width of 3.6 - 4.6 feet

  • Snow blower SF 55-52: Cutter width of 21.6 inches, Clearing width of 3.9 - 5.9 feet

  • Snow blower SF 65E-60: Cutter width of 25.6 inches, Clearing width of 3.9 - 7.2 feet

  • Snow blower SF 72E-70: Cutter width of 28 inches, Clearing width of 4.6 - 8.85 feet
  • Snow blower SF 72-70 KS: same as above, but with a hinged scraper blade
  • Snow blower SF 90-70: Cutter width of 35 inches, Clearing width of 4.9 - 7.5 feet
  • Snow blower SF 90-85: Cutter width of 35 inches, Clearing width of 6.6 - 8.5 feet
  • Snow blower SF 90-100: Cutter width of 35 inches, Clearing width of 6.6 - 9.7 feet
  • Snow blower SF 110-100: Cutter width of 43 inches, Clearing width of 7.5 - 10.8 feet
  • Snow blower SF 110-125: Cutter width of 43 inches, Clearing width of 8.7 - 10.8 feet

Self Contained Snow Blower

The autonomous ZAUGG Monoblock snow blower units for wheel loader application are a cost-effective and efficient alternative to self-propelled single-purpose snow blowers.


These Monoblock units are manufactured in widths of 2 to 3.5 yards and power outputs of 110–600 HP. Monobloc snow blowers include:

Monobloc Mobl 110: Capable of clearing 1000 t/h.

Monobloc Mobl 230: Capable of clearing 1700 t/h.

Monobloc Mobl 380: Capable of clearing up to 3,000 t/h.


The compact and removable snow blower units can be attached by one person and meet current Euro State V exhaust emission standards.

The machine can optionally be equipped with a radio remote control or fixed connecting cable, operated conveniently with an included joystick and display.


Wheel loaders that meet the minimum static tipping load requirement are employed as carrier vehicles. 

Demo Zaugg Snow Blowers in Denver

Zaugg products are known for their superb quality, extraordinary operational reliability, unbeatable working comfort and long service life which all combine to offer maximum performance and economy. (2)-min.png
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