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ASV Vs. Bobcat Track Loaders – Which Is Better?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Bobcat compact track loaders (CTLs) are a staple for many industries, but how do they compare to the ASV machines we offer at Hardline Equipment? The truth is ASV track loaders are better suited for the harsh environments and weather conditions you might face throughout the year.

ASV’s Posi-Track System

One item that sets ASV track loaders apart is their Posi-Track undercarriage system, which makes them more reliable in adverse conditions. Given the long, harsh winters that our customers in Minnesota, Wyoming, and Colorado face, performance in harsh environmental conditions is a must, and ASV delivers on that front in the following ways.

Internal Positive Drive System

ASV’s internal positive drive system differs from those of the traditional drive systems of Bobcats in that it has less friction overall. That means more transfer of torque from the motor to the tracks, wasting less power—and fuel—overall.

Wide, Flexible Tracks

The wide, flexible tracks on ASV track loaders are made from high-tensile poly-cord, making them more stretch resistant and robust. The additional wheels also provide better contact with the ground for more tractive effort and less damage to delicate terrain.

Superior Suspension

The flexible track also couples with a superior torsion axle suspension system to transfer less accelerative force to the machine and operator during use. Track wheels used in the Posi-Track design flex an additional two inches up and down, transferring far less impact and vibration from the ground than Bobcat’s steel-embedded system.

Open Track Design

Most track loaders, including Bobcats, use an enclosed metal tub to contain undercarriage components, and that system tends to trap dirt and debris. ASV track loaders use an open track design that kicks out debris, dirt, and even branches, keeping it from clogging the system.

Higher Undercarriage Clearance

ASV undercarriages put the cab higher off the ground than Bobcats, allowing for more clearance over obstacles such as rocks and debris. This makes ASV track loaders better suited to a wide variety of terrain and working environments.

ASV Vs. Bobcat Track Loader Comparison

After taking a look at some of the more distinguishing features of ASV CTLs, let’s compare them to Bobcat track loaders. Various tests have revealed how well-suited ASV machines are compared to other brands, including Bobcat.

Cooling System

The cooling system used in ASV loaders has been shown to be more reliable than that used in Bobcat machines. While a Bobcat can only work at maximum capacity for a short period of time (often only a few minutes), ASV models can maintain maximum hydraulic load for a near-indefinite period of time without overheating.

Cab Pressurization

Cab pressurization is important in environments with lots of dust or debris. ASV track loaders are capable of higher levels of cab pressurization than Bobcats, keeping more debris out of the cab for improved operator and machine health.

Ride Quality

We’ve already explained the merits of ASV’s Posi-Track system, but one additional benefit worth pointing out is its effect on ride quality. With less impact being absorbed from rough terrain, there’s far less force being exerted on the operator and machine, making it easier to remain productive for long periods of time without stopping. The machine’s components also take less punishment than those of Bobcat loaders, which use traditional suspension and track systems.

Tractive Effort and Breakout Force

The ability of a track loader to push or pull material is important to its performance in harsh weather. The tractive effort and breakout force exerted by both ASVs and Bobcat track loaders are comparable, with ASV machines performing slightly better on average.

Stability and Balance

Bobcat track loaders were originally designed as skid steers, which tend to be back-heavy in order to balance out loads in the front. This imbalance makes them harder to keep stable on slopes.

Conversely, ASV track loaders are engineered from the ground up to be used in all environments, providing better balance, flotation, and stability on slopes of all angles, which most track loaders and skid steers can’t handle. The wide rubber tracks and increased contact with the ground further reinforce their stability in extreme working conditions.

ASV Track Loaders for Superior Performance

If you’re looking for a track loader that can handle wet conditions, winter weather, or other harsh environments, ASV track loaders are optimized for your needs. Hardline Equipment is proud to be a local dealer for ASV track loaders and skid steers, so get in touch to see what options are available to you.

ASV Track Loader in the Woods


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