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The ASV RT-25:

Dependable & Work-Ready

The ASV RT-25 is a superior compact loader, designed to offer unmatched serviceability, reliability, and efficiency. Equipped with a potent Perkins 403D-15 T4F 3-cylinder diesel engine, this machine is your ultimate solution for excavation and earth-moving tasks in construction, landscaping, and snow removal operations. Discover the power and comfort of the RT-25 at Hardline Equipment, your trusted partner in the construction and landscaping industry. With our broad experience, diverse financing options, and professional team, we ensure you select the right equipment for your requirements and provide exceptional customer service to optimize your ASV RT-25 benefits.


Quick Specs

The ASV RT-25 is a compact track loader with the following specifications:

Size:  Compact for the perfect blend of power and agility.

Weight: 3,755 lbs (1703 kg) for optimal stability during operation

Engine: Perkins 403D-15 T4F 3-cylinder diesel engine.

Rated Operating Capacity:   665 lbs (301 kg) for handling substantial loads.

Ground Pressure:  3.1 psi for minimal ground disturbance.

ASV RT-25: The Dependable Compact Loader for Construction and Landscaping

The ASV RT-25 is a versatile, compact loader that fuses power, performance, and precision for challenging construction and landscaping tasks. With its impressive rated operating capacity, superior maneuverability, and patented Posi-Track® technology, the ASV RT-25 is the perfect equipment for construction firms, landscapers, and property managers who need robust equipment for their tasks.

Advantages of the ASV RT-25

The ASV RT-25 offers numerous advantages to its operators. Its compact design allows it to balance power and agility, making it ideal for construction in various environments. The high rated operating capacity enables it to handle substantial loads with ease, making it the perfect equipment for any project that requires large-scale construction or landscaping. The RT-25's diesel engine ensures efficient and eco-friendly operation. Additionally, its next-generation MAX-Series features and easy maintenance design add to its overall user convenience and versatility.


 Uses of the ASV RT-25

The ASV RT-25 is perfect for a broad range of applications in the construction and landscaping industry. It can be used for construction, excavation, landscaping, and snow removal operations. With its high rated operating capacity and superior maneuverability, the RT-25 can handle any construction or landscaping task with ease.

The ASV RT-25 is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in a variety of applications and industries, including:

  • Construction:

Ideal for digging and earth-moving work in various environments.

  • Landscaping:

Perfect for landscaping tasks in all seasons.

  • Excavation:

Efficiently handles excavation tasks with its high rated operating capacity.

  • Snow-Clearing:

Can be used for snow removal operations with its powerful engine and superior maneuverability.

  • Maintenance:

Easy access to all sides of the engine compartment for convenient maintenance tasks.

Features of the ASV RT-25

Unparalleled Power

The RT-25 boasts a power output that is unparalleled in its class, making it an ideal choice for large-scale construction and landscaping tasks in various settings.

Compact Design

The RT-25 is the most compact track loader in the world. Its small size makes it ideal for working in tight spaces, but it doesn't compromise on power or productivity. This makes it a versatile choice for a range of industries, from construction to landscaping.

Superior Durability

The RT-25 is built with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship, ensuring its durability and longevity. This robust construction allows the machine to withstand harsh weather conditions and rigorous use, making it a reliable choice for heavy-duty construction and landscaping tasks. At Hardline Equipment, we're committed to providing durable and reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

High-Performance Engine

The RT-25 is powered by a Perkins 403D-15 three-cylinder diesel engine, ensuring efficient operation while minimizing environmental impact.

User-Friendly Operation

The RT-25 is designed with user convenience in mind. Its built-in joystick and display make it easy to control the machine and adjust its settings as needed.

Advanced Safety Features

The ASV RT-25 is designed with operator safety as a top priority. It comes equipped with a robust safety system that includes a restraint bar and a two-inch wide adjustable seat belt. The machine also features a backup alarm and horn to ensure the safety of those working around the machine. The RT-25 meets all U.S EPA Tier 4 Final Standards, ensuring it's not just powerful and efficient, but also safe and environmentally friendly.

Exceptional Maneuverability

Thanks to its patented Posi-Track® technology, the RT-25 offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing it to handle tasks in various conditions with ease.

Easy Maintenance

The RT-25 features a swing-out radiator, top hood, and side doors that allow access to all sides of the engine compartment, including filters and other daily checkpoints.

 Versatile Attachments Compatibility

The RT-65 is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of attachments, from buckets to augers, making it a versatile tool for various construction and landscaping needs. Its universal mounting system ensures quick and easy attachment changes, maximizing productivity on the job site.

Specifications for The ASV RT-25: A reliable and ready-to-work machine.

The ASV RT-25 is a compact track loader with the following specifications:

  • Operating Weight: 3,755 lbs (1,702 kg)

  • Rated Operating Capacity @ 35%: 665 lbs (301 kg)

  • Ground Pressure: 3.1 psi (21.4 kPa)

  • Engine Power: 25.0 hp (18.6 kW)

  • Tipping Load: 1,900 lbs (862 kg)

  • Max. Travel Speed: 5.1 mph (8.2 kph)


Please note that the specifications mentioned above are subject to the manufacturer's data and may vary slightly based on model variations.

ASV RT-25 Spotlight: A Detailed Look at Exceptional Construction and Landscaping Proficiency

The ASV RT-25 is a compact track loader that stands out in the industry for its reliability, serviceability, and power. This compact loader is built with the latest MAX-Series features and patented Posi-Track technology, making it a top choice for construction, excavation, landscaping, and snow-clearing applications. With a turbocharged 25-horsepower Perkins 403D-15 three-cylinder diesel engine, the RT-25 delivers impressive power and torque, ensuring maximum productivity on any job site.

Customer Testimonials: Happy ASV RT-25 Users

ASV's RT-25 has garnered a loyal customer base. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied users:

"The ASV RT-25 has revolutionized my construction operations. Its power and efficiency are unparalleled, and it's incredibly intuitive to operate."


Why Choose Hardline Equipment for Your ASV RT-25?

Hardline Equipment is your go-to choice for purchasing an ASV RT-25. With our extensive industry experience, we are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality equipment and unmatched customer service. Our expertise allows us to guide you to the right equipment for your needs. We offer flexible financing options tailored to your budget and provide top-notch customer service throughout the entire purchasing process.

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