Sidewalk Hog Tractors for Construction & Landscaping Maintenance


Turn your Multihog loose!

Winter jobs, summer jobs ... it doesn't matter. The Multihog CX 75 can do it all. You'll love this machine's versatility. 

  • 75 HP Tier IV engine

  • Length: 143-145 inches

  • Width: 45-61 inches 

  • Height: 78-81 inches

  • 3500-4000 kg gross vehicle weight

  • Load-sensing hydraulics

  • Permanent 4-wheel drive

  • 25 mph road speed


Municipal sidewalk tractors for any job

Multihog sidewalk tractors are highly versatile and maneuverable, not to mention more reliable than similar models from other brands. These qualities make them perfect for working in all kinds of job site applications, including landscaping, municipal maintenance, refuse collection, snow removal, and more.

Highly Versatile


Rather than having to maintain a range of vehicles for different tasks in your particular sector, you can replace them all with a single, highly versatile vehicle with multiple attachments. Whether your tasks involve snow removal, trash collection, sidewalk/bike lane sweeping, or general purpose transportation around worksites, Multihog vehicles are easily adapted to your current and future requirements.

image (2).png

Compact & Maneuverable

Multihog sidewalk tractors are highly compact and boast a tight turn radius, making them prefect for the confines often present in municipal, grounds maintenance, and construction applications. In addition, minimal square footage is required for these vehicles, making it less expensive to store your fleet.

Comfortable Cabin

image (4).png

Comfort is key to your operators’ ability to continue working throughout each shift. Each wheel has its own independent spring and damper suspension system for minimal vibration transfer to the cabin, and Multihog CV tractors come with heavy duty cooling and water tanks for temperature control and dust suppression. These features not only make it easier to maintain productivity, but also act as safety features for the operator as well.

High Power

image (3).png

Multihog vehicles are powerful for their size, making them well suited to the rugged tasks our customers often need them to perform. A 75 HP engine, high axle capacity, and robust construction mean your Multihog is ready to take on most of the maintenance and construction tasks you’d usually expect from these vehicles.

Safe & Reliable

image (5).png

Finally, safety and reliability go hand in hand when it comes to Multihog sidewalk tractors. Durable, reliable design with quality construction makes these vehicles less likely to break down, which means less risk of an accident for operators. Less need for on-the-spot repairs makes Multihog tractors safer overall for personnel working nearby, particularly on job sites where hazards may already be present.

No matter what the season, you'll find functionality!

Municipalities, facilities, and road construction companies can trust Multihog tractors for their many operations and maintenance tasks. 

  • Municipal snow cleaning

  • Facilities management

  • Municipal service companies

  • Road maintenance and construction

  • Lawn mowing

  • Landscape maintenance

  • Sweeping

  • Garbage collection

  • Sprinkler system installation & maintenance

  • General construction

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