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The Yanmar VIO55-6A Mini Excavator

Redefining Power And Precision

Welcome to Hardline Equipment, your go-to dealer for superior construction and landscaping equipment. We proudly offer the Yanmar VIO 55-6A, an exceptional excavator for heavy-duty projects. With our extensive industry experience, we provide a wide range of financing options and expert guidance to help you choose the right equipment. Our commitment extends beyond the point of sale, as we offer excellent customer service and support to ensure you get the most out of your Yanmar VIO 55-6A. Trust Hardline Equipment to help you maximize your equipment's potential and efficiency.


Quick Specs

The Yanmar VIO 55-6A is a compact powerhouse designed to take on the most demanding tasks. Here are the key specifications:

Engine: The VIO 55-6A is powered by a Yanmar 4TNV86CT-PBV water-cooled 4-cylinder diesel engine, delivering an output of 47.6 HP.

Weight: The operating weight of the VIO 55-6A with a rubber track and cabin is 12,247 lbs.

Performance: The VIO 55-6A offers a maximum digging force of 7,464 lbs for the bucket and 5,058 lbs for the arm.

Fuel Tank: The VIO 55-6A has a fuel tank capacity of 17.4 gallons.

Yanmar VIO 55-6A: The Ultimate Excavator for Construction and Landscaping

The Yanmar VIO 55-6A is a versatile, compact excavator that combines power, performance, and precision for tough jobs. With its high operating capacity, low ground pressure, and excellent stability, the Yanmar VIO 55-6A is the perfect equipment for construction contractors, landscapers, and property managers who need heavy-duty equipment for their projects.

Benefits of the Yanmar VIO55-6A

The Yanmar VIO 55-6A offers several benefits to its users. Its compact design allows it to maneuver easily in tight spaces, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects. The low ground pressure and rubber tracks also minimize damage to the terrain, ensuring that the project site remains in good condition. The Yanmar VIO 55-6A's high operating capacity enables it to handle heavy loads with ease, making it the ideal equipment for any project that requires heavy lifting.


Applications of the Yanmar VIO55-6A

The Yanmar VIO 55-6A is ideal for a wide range of applications in the construction and landscaping industry. It can be used for site preparation, excavation, grading, and landscaping. It is also suitable for material handling and forestry work. With its excellent stability and traction, the Yanmar VIO 55-6A can handle any project with ease.

The Yanmar VIO 55-6A Excavator is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in a variety of applications and industries, including:

  • Construction: grading, excavation, material handling, and demolition

  • Landscaping: mowing, mulching, and tree care

  • Forestry: logging, land clearing, and brush cutting

Features that Make the Yanmar VIO 55-6A Stand Out

The Yanmar VIO 55-6A is packed with features that enhance its performance, versatility, and operator comfort. Here are the key features that make the Yanmar VIO 55-6A a superior choice:

Turbo-charged Efficiency:

With over 47-horsepower of boosted Yanmar diesel performance, the compact design of this four-cylinder makes quick work of big jobs while employing quiet and fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final technology.

Standard Eco Mode:

Enjoy up to 9% improved fuel economy resulting in reduced costs and increased profitability with standard ECO mode.

Compact Design:

The compact design of this four-cylinder makes quick work of big jobs while employing quiet and fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final technology.

True Zero Tail Swing:

Work in the tightest spaces with the assurance of zero tail swing performance. Never does any part of the cab or canopy extend beyond the track width.

Quick Change Attachments:

Our patented hydraulic Quick Coupler system makes it easier and quicker than ever to swap buckets and other jobsite attachments.

High Performance:

With over 47-horsepower of boosted Yanmar diesel performance, the compact design of this four-cylinder makes quick work of big jobs while employing quiet and fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final technology.

SmartAssist Technology

Featuring advanced telematics, SmartAssist saves you time and money with real-time remote data analytics, geo-fencing, optimized preventive service scheduling and more.

Convenient Hydraulics:

Two available auxiliary circuits, standard proportional control, and PTO Selector Value allows you to set the perfect flow and choose single or double action.

Operator Comfort:

The operator station of the Vi055-6A is designed for optimum intuitiveness and maximum comfort. The controls fall perfectly into place, the deep cushion seat provides all-day comfort, side bolsters keep you secure, and an informative LCD monitor makes it easy to keep tabs on engine and hydraulic details.

Specifications for The Yanmar VIO 55-6A: a compact yet powerful machine.

The Yanmar VIO 55-6A measures in at 18 feet in length, 6.5 feet in width, and 8.5 feet in height. It has an operating weight of 12,247 pounds and can handle a maximum digging force of 7,464 lbs for the bucket and 5,058 lbs for the arm. This machine is driven by a robust Yanmar 4TNV86CT-PBV diesel engine, delivering 47.6 horsepower. It can reach a top ground speed of 2.6 MPH and has a hydraulic flow rate of 12 + 12 + 9.7 + 2.8 GPM.

In addition to these specifications, the Yanmar VIO 55-6A boasts a maximum digging depth of 13’6” and a fuel tank capacity of 17.4 gallons. The machine's hydraulic system is both durable and efficient, capable of managing a wide range of attachments and performing various tasks.

The Yanmar VIO 55-6A is powered by a water-cooled 4-cylinder Yanmar 4TNV86CT-PBV diesel engine. This engine is turbo-charged, providing over 47 horsepower, which ensures efficient performance even in demanding conditions. The compact design of this four-cylinder engine allows for quick work of big jobs while employing quiet and fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final technology.

Please note that the specifications mentioned above are subject to the manufacturer's data and may vary slightly based on model variations.


Why Choose Hardline Equipment?

Hardline Equipment is your trusted partner when it comes to the Yanmar VIO 55-6A. Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and top-quality equipment is backed by our extensive industry experience. We understand the importance of having the right equipment for your needs, and our team is here to guide you through the selection process. In addition to our expert advice, we offer flexible financing options tailored to your budget. Rest assured, your buying experience with us will be seamless and enjoyable.

Customer Testimonials & Manufacturer Insights: Yanmar VIO 55-6A from Hardline Equipment

Hardline Equipment is proud to offer the Yanmar VIO 55-6A, a mini excavator that has impressed both our customers and the manufacturer itself. Here’s what they have to say:

"Yanmar compact equipment, including the VIO 55-6A, has been designed to tackle tough jobs in challenging locations. For over 50 years, our machines have been assisting hardworking professionals by offering power, intelligence, ease of operation, and incredible efficiency." - Yanmar Compact Equipment

Why Choose Hardline Equipment for your Yanmar VIO 55-6A?

We're just a click, a form, or a phone call away. Reach out to us at our main office at (303) 288-8989, or simply click the button below and fill out the form. Our team, known for their friendliness and knowledge, is ready to answer any questions you might have.

If the Yanmar VIO 55-6A mini excavator has piqued your interest, or if you'd like to schedule a demo, we're here to help! We're eager to provide you with all the information you need to make the right equipment choice.

We appreciate your consideration of Hardline Equipment for your equipment needs. Your efficient work completion is our priority, and we're excited to show you how the Yanmar VIO 55-6A can contribute to that. Get in touch with us today!

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