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Snow Blower Comparison

The best snow blower to use for the worst winters in the U.S. needs to be robust, efficient, and reliable. Zaugg snow blowers are designed to meet a wide range of needs, including those that most of our customers in Colorado, Wyoming, and Minnesota face every year. Whether you’re clearing mountain passes, roadways, or airport runways, Zaugg snow blowers fit the bill. In this article, we’ll conduct a comparison of snow blowers, including Zaugg and other top rated snow blowers.

Zaugg Snow Blower Comparison

Zaugg snow blowers combine Swiss precision with robust designs that are built to withstand the harshest conditions. Zaugg blowers offer excellent performance and are highly sought after, making them an excellent option for most snow removal applications.

Among the Zaugg snow blowers we offer at Hardline Equipment are the Rolba and Monobloc series.

Rolba Snow Blowers

Rolba snow blowers are maneuverable self-propelled machines built to work quickly, with the highest working speed topping out at 8,000 tons per hour, which is higher than most other competitor models. The maneuverable design of Rolba machines makes them ideal for tight areas such as mountain passes and narrow roadways, and their optimized weight distribution makes them great for uphill driving in the snow.

What’s more, some models include arctic versions that function in temperatures as low as 50°C (-58°F), which means they’ll keep working in even the coldest winter conditions without stopping.

Even if you’re not looking for the sheer power offered by their larger machines, the maneuverability of these models makes them well suited to various applications, both at large and small scales.

Monobloc Snow Blowers

The Monobloc 380 is an autonomous, compact machine designed for high mobility with a fully articulated construction. A high tipping load for the carrier vehicle allows for a great deal of maneuverability, making it a great fit for a wide range of use cases.

Remote control options are available, including radio and cable designs, which couple with intuitive controls aboard the vehicle to make for a versatile snow removal tool that may be raised, lowered, and moved about for high-precision work.

Comparison of Top Rated Snow Blowers

Of course, you may have heard of other brands of snow blowers. The following models are certainly viable, but may have drawbacks that make them either less versatile or less powerful than their Zaugg equivalents.


Larue snow blowers come in single and double engine configurations, with double engine designs built for more power and higher working speeds and casting distances. Even these robust models don’t top the most powerful of Zaugg’s Rolba machines, with maximum working speeds reaching 7,500 tons per hour.


Oshkosh snow blowers are designed almost exclusively for airport runways, making them best over long, flat surfaces. They are highly effective at what they do, of course, but their speed may come at the expense of raw power, with their dual engine models topping out at roughly 5,000 TPH.


Fresia snow blowers have highly powerful engines and are capable of up to 8,500 TPH working speed, and they do offer machines for a wide range of applications as well. They have been tested worldwide, though the fact that they are manufactured in Italy may make availability an issue in the U.S.


Wausau snow removal machines have long casting distances (up to 175 feet) and cab-mounted controls. They include many features, including block heaters and auto shutoff functionality, but their most powerful machines still lack the power that the most robust Zaugg blowers are capable of.

Best Snow Blowers for Intense Winters

If you’re looking for top rated snow blowers for the upcoming winter season, we offer a number of Zaugg models that are suited for various applications. If you have questions about the best machines for your line of work, contact Hardline Equipment.


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